* I'VE GOT A QUESTION! HOW SHOULD I GET IN TOUCH? The best way to chat to us is to come in to the shop. Second best is to email. Third is to call. We're super busy due to Covid-19 and the nation wide obsession with bicycles.

* CAN I TALK TO YOU ABOUT MY PUNCTURE? Sure. In store. No need to ring. 

* HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN MY BIKE IS READY TO COLLECT? We'll text you as soon as it's done. Promise. 

* DO YOU BUILD BIKES? Of course we do! We build bikes from parts in store and have a wide variety of bits & pieces. We also build bikes from boxes that you've ordered online! 

* WILL YOU FIT PARTS THAT I'VE BOUGHT ONLINE? We'll do it but we'll have to charge you top dollar. 

* WHEN SHOULD I COLLECT MY BIKE? ASAP please! We've got a ton of bikes in store and the more space the better! 

*WILL YOU FIX MY GARDEN SPIDER BIKE? We know that you love your bike so much
that you've left it in the garden to rust for years. We love them as much as you do! We'll make them work again but please don't expect them to be repaired cheaply or quickly.

* HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? Trust us, we don't want to keep your bike. Tricky jobs get pushed to the back of the queue when we're exceptionally(Covid) busy. Easy jobs (punctures / tyres / chain / cable / emergency get you moving jobs) we will do quickly. Muddy bikes, strip down services, rebuilds, "need to order a chainring" type jobs; these take longer.

* WHY DO MY BRAKES SQUEAK? This is normal with new bikes, don't stress! However if it's driving you mad bring her in and we'll see what we can do! 

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