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bike repair near me 

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green commune

We are pleased to accept vouchers from the following schemes: Green Commute Initiative (Only one not for profit), Cyclescheme, Vivup, Benefits, Bike2work, Cycle Solutions.

We have a wide range of bicycles in store including new, hybrid, cargo and vintage frames. Our knowledgable staff will help you to choose the right bike for you.

Cycle to work schemes can save you 25% - 35% on your bike, in simple terms, you hire the bike for a year and then purchase it for less than it's worth at the end. Interest free credit!

Step 1: Pick Your Bike

Do your research here, it's not our job to know how much you plan on cycling and what route. We can help advice but have a think about the obvious things first!

Step 2: Send Application 

If your employer is already part of a cycle to work scheme they will have a weblink already, if not, get them on board, it's totally free. Submit the application and your employer will need to approve, Receive a copy of the Hire Agreement.

Step 3: Collect Your Bike

Now that your application has been approved and paid for (by your employer) It's time to collect your bike, drop by the store with your Cycle to Work Scheme certificate and we'll handle the paperwork. Your salary sacrifice and Hire Agreement* will begin now, for the next 12 months you'll be paying a set amount each month from your salary in exchange for the hire of your cycle to work scheme from your employer (this is also where you make your income tax and national insurance savings, yay!)

Step 4: Transfer Ownership

When your Hire Agreement finishes you will make one final small payment, this Transfer Ownership fee is 3% if your Cycle To Work package was under £500 and 7% if over £500. This fee enables you to keep your tax savings you made by 'hiring' the package from your employee. The bike then remains ‘hired’ for a further 36 months (but with no further monthly payments) until ownership is officially transferred to you at no further cost. Worst case scenario: a payment of £70 and saving of at least 25%.

*Hire Agreement - An agreement between you and your employer stating you will be hiring the equipment from them during the period of your salary sacrifice.

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