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Cargo bikes are the perfect solution to your everyday load. We currently stock two brands of beautifully crafted cargo bikes, Bicicapace and Vello.

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Whatever you are transporting whether it be food or children Bicicapace is your beautifully handmade italian cargo bike. As well as its beautiful design the Bicicapace bikes have capacity and strength, the Just Long's max capacity is 190kg! The bikes offer great stability even in heavy duty conditions.


Head to their site to find out more!

family bicycle  


Veloe® is a versatile family-cargo eBike committed to offering children a delightful journey to school, recognizing that their observations and experiences profoundly shape their behavior. Our objective is to ignite a passion for cycling in young minds, equipping them with valuable skills and attitudes for the future.

VELLO BIKE_Logo_edited.png

The VELLO SUB is your environmentally friendly, urban mobility all-rounder for your every day needs. Weighs only 24 kg | Powerful Bosch motor | Dual battery ready system with up to 250 km range


Head to their site to find out more!

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