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About The Bike is your friendly neighbourhood bike shop, located in the heart of Dalston.
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We offer 3 general style services but the options are endless. Drop in, drop us a line or give us a call and we'll discuss. 

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Safety First!

Frame & Forks checked


Brakes checked & adjusted


Gears checked & adjusted


Chain Checked & lubricated 


Wheels inspected


Tyres checked and inflated

(Ideal for recomissioning your bike after a break)

As Safety Check PLUS:

Wheels Trued (minor)


Hubs, Headset and bottom bracket checked & adjusted

Cables & pads checked & replaced (at cost)

Bike & chain cleaned  

Perfect to get your bike ready after a hard & dirty winter.





As FULL Service PLUS


Strip down to frame (BB & Headset removed) 

All bearings regreased and put back together

Drive Chain removal, cleaned in the parts washer and refitted


NEW parts fitted at cost

Same service for Brompton

IDEAL preparation for touring holiday or biking event





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Regular Puncture £15

Emergency Puncture While You Wait £20

Strange Bikes / Electric Bikes / Brompton P.O.A

Need a bike? We have bikes! 

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Covid-19 Update *

We're still open for business! However, due to a nation wide obsession with all things bicycle please be patient with us.

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124B Dalston Lane,
E8 1NG

We're proud to be the only UK retailers for the incredible, inedible Vello Bike. 

March 2021 !!! 

We are expecting the 2021  VELLO's to arrive imminently!! 

We have a demonstrator. Please contact us if you'd like to try it!

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We are a registered member of the gov fix your bike scheme. 

What we CAN do

- a mini service and fix one puncture.

- OR two cheap tyres and tubes fitted.

-Or a bike wash. 

What we CAN'T do

- A full service 

- A new bike

- Your whole families bikes washed and polished

11th March 2021

Fix Your Bike 3 has been launched!

Contact us if you have a Voucher and want the Government to pay £50 towards fixing your bike!


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we've got a heap of things in stock in store to fill all of your bicycle needs. 

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We sell a wide variety of bikes, including, but not limited to:

Single speeds, Odessas' and Odessy's from 6KU


Child Carriers / Urban Cycling Solutions

Electric Bikes

Road Bikes

Ladies Bikes

Touring Bikes

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